Remoria VR has won the first edition of the Blast Wars competition at Blast2017, the international event for startups and technologies, which took place in Rome on May 10th - 12th. The team has been awarded a 30,000 euros check.

We are so proud of this great result, achieved by one of our best startups! But now let's discover a bit of its history: Remoria VR was born of a Marco De Falco's idea and the startup is now a landmark in the mobile virtual reality market (VR / AR). It has created Lignum, a Bluetooth 4.1 device specifically designed for virtual reality on smartphones that promises performance benefits (extremely low latency, more data transmission, motion tracking, and hand orientation) and is compatible with all major operating systems. Remoria VR successfully graduated from our acceleration program in the second half of 2016 and, at the end of the program, LVenture Group decided to confirm its confidence in Remoria VR with a huge investment of 120.000 euros. The success of Remoria VR is also the concrete demonstration of our business model effectiveness, that has been able to select and believe in the best business ideas.

So great job guys and keep going!