2017 starts in an awesome way for our startups, Remoria VR in particoular! Only few weeks passed from the conclusion of LUISS ENLABS Acceleration Program in which Remoria took part and the startup has already been able to close a significant investment round. Would you say? Well, we were sure! In this deal, Invitalia Ventures together with LVenture Group and Business Angels have invested 700 K € in the startups that produces innovative input devices for mobile virtual reality which allow to enjoy a fully immersive 3D experience. “We are very pleased that Invitalia Ventures, LVenture Group and members of Angel Partner Group joined us in this challenge and bet on our company. Since the VR market is moving quickly, we have to move in a record time. We are very satisfied to have promptly closed the deal with our investors, immediately after concluding LUISS ENLABS acceleration program. Thanks to this investment, we will be able to bring our technologies to a high level and trigger a tremendous growth for Remoria VR” said Marco De Falco, CEO of Remoria VR. The VR/AR mobile market, in which Remoria VR is positioned, has a great potential for growth (+50% expected in the 2016-2020 period). Current technologies, existing on this market, are, however, still limited mainly due to technical problems related to high latency, transmission of data, immersive user experience and compatibility with multiple OS/systems. In that context, Remoria VR has created Lignum, a disruptive and unique technology that offers tremendous advantages in terms of performance (extremely low latency, high level of transmission of data, tracking hand movement & orientation) and is compatible with all the operating systems. Thanks to this 700.000 € investment round, Remoria’s team plans to speed-up the development, production and commercialization of their virtual reality device. We are sure they will achieve the goal, let's see what is going to happen in the next months!