Re-Bello, startup in LVenture Group's portfolio, that develops, manufactures and markets sustainable clothing made from highly innovative fabrics produced through the combination of natural fibres such as eucalyptus, organic cotton and bamboo, throws down the gauntlet. The startup is live on Kickstarter to create a limited edition of jackets made by PET Newlife, a unique material derived from 100% post-consumption bottles, and padded with Tirol Wool. PET Newlife is obtained by a process that turns what we used to call trash in a “distillated” of polyethylene – a synthetic silk with better qualities than fabrics gained with traditional virgin polymers. On the other side, Tirol Wool is a wool that cannot be used as textile, because too rough and uncomfortable. To avoid waste, Re-Bello decided to create value for this kind of wool by using it as padding of outwears, submitting it to a special natural treatment that eliminates the scales of wool without altering the structure of the fiber, making it soft, odorless, breathable and resistant to repeated washings. Supporting the project means to join the sustainable lifestyle and put the word “stop” to waste. To be part of this click here, you have until October 16th, in the meanwhile have a little preview of the collection from this video.