We proudly announce Roberto Ascione, President of Razorfish Healthware, just joined our Board of Advisors this week! Advisors have a crucial role in our acceleration program. They support the growth of the startups helping their business development through networking activity. Through their advices and expertise, advisors help startups to build the product and gain higher level of management efficiency. We asked Ascione a few questions to get to know him better! Q. Tell us a story or an anecdote to let us understand what kind of person you are A.It’s been almost twenty years since I started in this industry, in that time I have created, launched and merged several companies. As an entrepreneur and manager one can imagine that there are stories and anecdotes in abundance! However, one that always comes back to mind dates back to the late 90s where the focus was on resourcing vs priorities. At the time we were a company of less than ten people, I was discussing with what today would be called the CFO our organizational chart. We had over thirty positions on the chart and with less than ten people we were trying to assess, identify, who would be covering two or three roles and which roles. Well, in less than two years we managed to fill all the roles and today, when we recall that period, we have a bit of a laugh as we wonder if that really has fundamentally changed.”   Q. Which is you area of expertise? A. “Healthcare disruption, I always believed that science and technology would change the health sector forever and for the better! I work at the intersection of digital communication and technology, IA, Internet of Things and Healthcare.”   Q. Tell us a lesson you have learned during your career you would have liked to know from the very beginning of your activity A. You can leverage any asset and improve any process or increase the performance of any team with the investment of time. However, not always is it the best strategy to invest time versus making faster and usually tough decisions.