Newsy summer for LUISS ENLABS and LVenture Group which in the first three days of August 2016 closed four new investment operations. The portfolio startups DynamiTick, CheckMoov, Tutored and Moovenda have collected over 700 thousand Euros. “Summer 2016 was very “hot” for LVenture Group” said Luigi Capello, CEO of LVenture Group “After the opening of our new headquarters in June and the capital increase in July, we aren’t stopping in August. Our startups are increasingly competitive and we continue to support their growth while keeping focused on the goal to help to increase their value and realize substantial capital gains through the exits. That’s thanks to a steadily expanding network of investors, including many involved in these four operations. Among those, Angel Partner Group, business angel network founded by LVenture Group is particularly active." DynamiTick and CheckMoov are two startups graduated in June from our Acceleration Program. The first is specialized in solutions of dynamic price ticketing for the sports and entertainment industries, the second allows its users to practice sports in all gyms affiliated to its network with a single subsription. In a few months, they have obtained very successful results on the market, and LVenture Group has therefore decided to confirm its commitment to support them with additional financial resources. DynamiTick closed a round for 255 thousand Euros, the first tranche of a capital increase open for a total of 350 thousand Euros. CheckMoov has instead closed a round for 241 thousand Euros, the first tranche of a capital increase open for a total of 400 thousand Euros. Moovenda, marketplace for culinary excellence that delivers the best food in one hour, and Tutored, platform that helps students to organize every aspect of their university life, rapidly growing startups in LVenture Group’s portfolio, have instead received two “bridge” investments, which will support the rapid development and expansion in the domestic and international markets. Moovenda closed a round for 150 thousand Euros, of which 75 thousand Euros from a new investor, Jacopo Paoletti. On the same day, Tutored opened a round and collected a first tranche of investment from LVenture Group and some angel investors. The ferment does not stop in the innovation hub created by LVenture Group and LUISS ENLABS: new investments and partnerships signed by the two companies and portfolio startups will be announced later this summer.