Participating in a startup acceleration program is a life-changing experience. It helps you grow both on a personal and on a professional level and makes you face new experiences.

We could tell you all the advantages of a startup acceleration program but the best way to describe them is to let our startups speak! We asked Enrico Scianaro, CEO of Whoosnap, and Cosimo Calciano, CEO of Revotree, what they think about it.

What is the most important thing you learned during the acceleration program?

E. S.:"When I joined the acceleration program I had to face new experiences in terms of work organization, particularly how to manage my company to perform fast and successfully. Thanks to the advice, really strong sometimes, of the acceleration team of LUISS ENLABS I learned that planning is important, but Execution is a key factor to succeed."

C.C.:"Before we get in LUISS ENLABS acceleration program when we had a problem we solved by adding new features or overthinking on our seats. During LUISS ENLABS acceleration program we learned that in order to solve any problem you need to find simple and lean solutions speaking with the customers and understand their needs."

According to you, which is the added value of a startup acceleration program?

E. S.:"It’s hard to list just one single thing that the acceleration program gave to me. There are a lot of little things that I learned during the acceleration that helped me to bring my company form an MVP (it was just a little bit more than an idea) to the market. The successful experience of the acceleration team, networking, feedback, methodology, etc… I guess the mix of all these things helped me to develop and improve my entrepreneurial approach."

C.C.:"The real added value of the acceleration program is the network. The relationship with startups in the program helps you and your team to grow fast, to compare and evolve business models and of course…have a lot of fun during the long working nights! The network of startups that passed in the program helps you to understand what to expect from the acceleration program and their expertise and advice help the startup to not make the same mistakes that they did. And if you will make a mistake, you will learn to recover it. The network of investors helps the startup to dig into their heads and understand how an investor thinks. You will be prepared when you will ask them money."

Ok, Enrico, you successfully graduated from LUISS ENLABS Acceleration Program in 2015. What wouldn't you have done or learned without the program, in your experience?

E. S.:"Pitch your startup to an investor or to a client. It’s not easy. In some cases, it means saving or killing your company, mostly when you are raising money. Thanks to the acceleration program I learned to introduce my company in an easy, persuasive and convincing way."

Last but not least, what advice would you give someone hoping to join LUISS ENLABS Acceleration Program?

E. S.:"Ask yourself: am I sure I want to run a startup? If the answer is yes then ask yourself again: am I really sure that I want to run a startup? If the answer is still yes, then abandon your presumption and join the acceleration program."

C.C.:"An advice for a startup who wants to get in the program is to have a team with heterogeneous skills and they need to be ready to sweat and spit blood."

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