When the Acceleration Program ends, our startups have to roll up their sleeves. They work hard to improve their business and their main target is to gain investments to scale the market. While wishing good luck to the startups that will end the Acceleration Program tomorrow with the Investor Day, let us show you where are the startups that graduated from the last batch today, Karaoke One and KPI6. To begin, in March, just a couple of month after the Investor Day in which they have been presented to the investors, they closed a round of investment each for the overall value of nearly half a million Euros. This week they’ve both announced some great news! KPI6, as a DataSift partner since May 2016, will be one of more than 50 companies in the world and one of the only ones in Italy to add content data shared by over 1 billion daily active users of Facebook to its database of interactions on social media platforms. KPI6’s offering already includes Twitter, Tumblr and WordPress. KPI6, an online platform for the collection and analysis of conversations on the main social media that is capable of providing to the customer the tools to operate rapid and effective decisions, was founded in 2015 and in January 2016 it graduated from our Acceleration Program. Karaoke One, the community for those who love to sing that allows users to record and share their vocal performances and become stars online, has increased its capital for 450 thousand Euros. In January 2016, after completing the Acceleration Program, Karaoke One (Lisari srl) was presented to investors and opened a capital increase for 450 thousand Euros, of which 193 thousand raised in March. For the startup this second tranche of investment for 257 thousand comes about three months after the first and it shows the attention of investors toward the company.