When we talk about startups it's quite easy to think of the US or Silicon Valley but there are many other innovation hubs scattered around the world. One of these is Israel.

Israel is recognized globally as the "Startup Nation", a major hub for technology and innovation. Through its wealth of human capital, Israel has generated more startups than most large industrial nations. In addition, Israel has attracted over twice as much venture capital investment per capita as the US, and 30 times more than all the members of the European Union combined.

Tel Aviv has always been the most important Israelian city but in the past few years, another hub is seeking to become the new "Startup City": Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is one of the fastest growing tech hubs, recognized as such by many media organizations and research centers. Time Magazine ranked the city as the first among five emerging tech hubs in the world, while Compass, which ranks startup ecosystems around the globe, placed Jerusalem among the honorable top 30 leading startup ecosystems worldwide.

The Israelian city is an exciting place for entrepreneurs, a home base for Israel's leading companies, investors, and academic institutions. The city's multicultural energy has created a unique environment for creators and innovators to connect and bring their world-changing ideas to fruition. For these reasons, Jerusalem has been chosen as the venue for the startup competition "Start Jerusalem Competition 2017", a global competition organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Jerusalem Development Authority, which brings together startups from 35 different countries.

Are you ready to take part in a 5-days innovation experience in Jerusalem, Israel – one of the world’s leading tech ecosystems?

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