Just a few weeks ago, Whoosnap, startup graduated from our acceleration program, released its new app both for iOS and Android devices. With Whoosnap you can easily start earning money by taking pictures with your smartphone. Whoosnap allows everyone to find out, in real time, what happens in a place or during an event by asking to the community a picture of the place. That's why its motto is: "be everywhere, always." If you are part of the community and you take a picture you can easily earn a reward. How? Open the app, have a look to the map or the “requests list”. Here you can discover what other users want you to photograph near the place where you are. Then you can select the requests you want to answer, take your photos and send them to the applicant. If the applicant choose your photos, you get a reward. You can check it on the app and tranfer them to your account. Want to try it? Then get 5 Euros of credit for free using our promo code “LUISSENLABS”!  

DOWNLOAD IT NOW:   iOS - Android