Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. No one knows better than who works in the startup ecosystem that failure is always around the corner. On April 12th, Augusto Coppola, Director of LUISS ENLABS, got up on stage to make his speech at the FuckUp Nights in Milan, a global movement born in Mexico in 2012 to share publicly business failure stories. He told the attendees his story, sparing no disastrous details, but he also gave advice on how to overcome the failure. Let's see what he said. What did I learn about startups?
    • There are no magic formulas for building a successful startup;
    • The team is more important than the idea;
    • Do your best every day;
    • You have to read 3 useful books (for example "Running Lean", "Lean Analytics" and "Angel Investing") but you need at least 10 years of experience.
  What did I learn about innovation?
    • Innovation is a risk;
    • You can't make innovation where there are no competitors;
    • Good competition needs sharable values;
    • Italian companies understood they need innovation but they didn't understand why.
  What did I learn about people?
    • Smart people love challenges;
    • People will change.
  What did I learn about other things?
    • In Rome walls also speak;
    • "A Maggica" is always "A maggica" 😉
  Wanna know more about Augusto' speech? Watch the video below!