The Best Program aims to promote entrepreneurship as the engine of economic growth on national and international level. It is dedicated to wanna-be-entrepreneurs and startuppers and provides them with a special scholarship to stay in Silicon Valley for 6 months. The deal consists in a first period of training and a four months internship. You will have the chance to be an intern for one of the high tech enterprises of the Silicon Valley. During this period, selected people will be supported to develop their own business ideas. This is the sixth edition of the program. Young people, researchers, economists, people with a university degree in ICT, Biotech, Tools and Machinery, Energy and Green Technology are welcome to apply as well as well as Art, Design and Fashion majors. The program includes 41k scholarships that will allow winners to attend Entrepreneurship and Management classes at Santa Clara University, California. The Program has been launched by the United States Embassy to Italy and promoted by Invitalia and the Steering Commitee, in collaboration with the Fulbright Commission. To apply visit the website. The deadline is March, 27th.