Validate Your Startup Idea With This One Step Lean Method

How many times have you thought you had a great idea to found a startup? Definitely, in the business (and especially startup) world the idea in itself is not the most important, it is rather its execution that makes a difference and drives the success. How many of those ideas thrown on the table and discussed with friends have been eventually developed and put into practice? Mostly none.

Tutored: A Web Platform That Brings Tutoring Online

In spite of innovative startups changing the markets in quantum leaps, tutoring market remains disorganized with lots of time wasted on searching a proper tutor and getting in touch with him/her. 
To resolve this problem encountered as well by Gabriele Giugliano CEO, Martina Mattone COO, Nicolò Bardi CFO and Paolo Molinara CTO during their studies, this team of young and energetic guys has founded Tutored. While Gabriele and Nicolò have already known each other well, running their company for events organization since they were 18, the team got complete in the occassion of InnovActionLab.

Effective Project Management Tool: How to Use Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics is a data collector for mobile applications, which allows developers to track aggregate data about users behavior and experience in the application and proved to be a great help for startuppers developing applications or videogames. Why? Valerio and Roberto from Interactive Project explain: “We developed an ad-hoc tool to monitor behaviors in our first game; however there are tools which help monitoring the application and to have feedback in order to adapt the application to the needs of the final users. We tried Flurry Analytics with our last game OverVolt: crazy slot cars, and found it very useful and rather easy to implement!”

Tiassisto24: a Web Platform That Cuts Vehicle Management Costs and Hurdles

Do you remember the exact date when your driving licence or insurance expires? Have you already replaced your tyres? How many operators do you interact with while managing your vehicle? And even more importantly, do they always provide a timely and efficient support? To reduce the time you waste on interaction with multiple operators and improve the quality of your experience, Michele and Giuseppe Romagnoli previously working in automotive damages and loss compensation sector and an Insurance Consultant Claudio Della Loggia, have founded Tiassisto24. The goal of the startup is to become a single interface for your vehicle management. Providing their services in the same building in Abruzzo province, the team has implemented their idea offline in September 2012, providing services to more than 700 clients. Now Tiassisto24 participates in LUISS ENLABS Accelerator Program to bring their business online.