Standing desks arrived at the startup factory! We are so full of great startups here in the accelerator that we decided to finally introduce them to save some space 😉 But there's much more... Standing desks is a must in the USA. Companies such as Google and Facebook offer standing desks as a benefit to their employees since years. Some Venture Capitalists started to introduce standing desks in their meeting rooms and discovered that they make their brainstorming more profitable. According to recent studies and researches using standing instead of sitting desks at work makes you more responsive and increases your energy. In a year you would burn as many calories as if you have run ten marathons. Sitting down too many hours a day increases the risk of obesity, cancer, diabet and cardiovascolar deseas. Some studies say that if you reduces up to just 3 hours a day sitting you gain double of life expectancy. Wanna try?! Watch this video first 😉