LVenture Group and LUISS EnLabs launched the second edition of AI WorkLab, the incubation program on Artificial Intelligence in partnership with American Express, Cerved, growITup, Invitalia, Sanofi and Sara Assicurazioni

  Milan, 25th October – Yesterday evening, the Milan LUISS Hub hosted the launch event of AI WorkLab 2.0, the second edition for the incubation program on Artificial Intelligence promoted by LVenture Group in partnership with American Express, Cerved, growITup, Invitalia, Sanofi, Sara Assicurazioni.       AI WorkLab 2.0 aims to select high-tech startups with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and synergically grow them with partners as new solutions for the market. The program bring together corporates and startups with a win-win strategy: corporates will have the opportunity to scout new emerging talents in AI, while the participants will take advantage from the mentoring of corporates’ managers and experts in order to validate their project. "A human touch in AI" is the theme of this second edition, as it stands for the main role played by humans on the future of Artificial Intelligence, in order to exploit this technology for people’s real needs in terms of health, safety and productivity. "We are very pleased to launch AI WorkLab with key partners of the digital transformation process" said Giuseppe Tomei, LVenture Group's Head of Open Innovation, introducing the event. "Today, only 300,000 people worldwide have a specific expertise in Artificial Intelligence, while millions are needed to meet the global demand.  So far total investments in AI exceeded $ 46.5 billion and they are constantly growing, just think of the recent $ 1 billion investment announced by MIT. With an Open Innovation program such as AI WorkLab we want to grow talents and startups, bringing them closer to corporates in the AI sector, to make them both competitive on a global scale”. Daniele Pucci, Head of the Dynamic Interaction Control Research Line of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) illustrated an overview on the future scenarios of Artificial Intelligence: "The impact that Artificial Intelligence will have on our society is comparable to the advent of electricity. Smart homes will report faults, ask for technical interventions, plan and coordinate our diets. Autopilot cars and boats will transport our families and goods across the world, without any crew needed. Tech scales will be able to carry out a daily check-up and alert a specialist in case of anomalies". Augusto Coppola (Managing Director of LUISS EnLabs) introduced the program and moderated the panel "The digital revolution of the Corporate: Artificial Intelligence innovates the Italian company". During the discussion 6 spoke people from the corporate partners explained their goals in AI WorkLab 2.0:  
    • Bruno ColettaHead of Marketing & CRM Payback – American Express;
    • Stefano GattiHead of Innovation & Data Sources Cerved;
    • Barbara Cominelli Marketing and Operations Director Microsoft Italia | growITup;
    • Fabrizio BellezzaResponsabile Sistemi Informativi Invitalia;
    • Milena LeoneHead of Innovation and Digital Consumer Health Care Sanofi;
    • Alberto TostiDirettore Generale Sara Assicurazioni.
    The call to participate in AI WorkLab 2.0 will be open until December 10th: selected teams will receive a grant of 2,500 euros (equity free) and will access a 3 months program in the Hub of LVenture Group and LUISS EnLabs, starting from January 2019. During the program they will be supported by the LUISS EnLabs team and by mentors from the corporate partners willing to develop their innovative solutions. The previous edition of AI WorkLab received over two hundred finalized applications, from teams and single talents. 10 projects have been selected, and 9 have created an MVP during the program, and presented it at the Grand Finale event. 2 startups achieved a second investment round, while 1 startup was selected for the LUISS EnLabs acceleration program. Furthermore, a PoC with a partner company is still in progress. "Artificial Intelligence is changing the world, not just of production, but also of everyday life. It is a technology that guarantees a tremendous competitive advantage to those who learn how to apply it" declared Augusto Coppola, Managing Director of LUISS EnLabs. "Therefore, promoting new companies in this area is not only necessary for corporates that invest in innovation - such as LVenture Group - but also for the entire Italian ecosystem. AI WorkLab is an attemp to offer an important contribution in this direction and, considering the  results of the previous edition, we are prone to assuming it is a successful attempt".