Do you have an amazing startup? Do you feel like you need the expert team of an amazing Startup Accelerator and the financial resources of a Venture Capital firm to boost its growth? We've got great news for you: today we've opened the Call for Applications to join the batch of the Acceleration Program starting in Summer 2017. Hurry up, you have until April 2nd to let your startup shine! To begin, let's see if you've got what we want to see:
  • Do you have digital startups and having at least a working prototype of the product or a validated idea (Minimum Viable Product)?
  • Do you have a team with a full set of skills, especially tech development skills, willing to move to Rome for the duration of the program and commit to working on the project full-time?
  • Do you propose a competitive solution in a strongly growing market sector?
If the answer to these questions is yes, you're ready to apply! What will you get? The most promising startups will have the opportunity to access an intensive 5-months path aimed at transforming projects in the early stages of life into companies generating revenues on the market. The program will begin in June 2017 and will take place in our headquarters: a 5000sqm innovation hub in the heart of Rome, in the historic wing of Termini Station. You will participate in seminars and workshop and you will be supported in business development, investor networking, management, and technology development by a team of experts and a Board of Advisors of over 50 prominent members with various sectoral responsibilities. In addition, you will receive an investment from LVenture Group of 80 thousand Euros, of which 30 thousand in cash and 50 thousand in services, in return for a 9% equity[1]. Your startup will be required to adopt the Scrum method: a management system of the work of the team aimed at accelerating the growth of companies and based on the definition of objectives to be achieved in 2-weeks "sprints" followed by "Demo Days" in which to present the results obtained and data collected. After the first 2 months, mainly dedicated to the development of the product, the phase of validation and tests on the market will start. In the last month, startups will have to produce revenues and prepare for the presentation to investors, corporate and press during the Investor Day, the final event of the program to be held in November 2017. A further reason to apply? LUISS ENLABS is one of the leading Startup Accelerators in Europe, resulting from a joint venture between LVenture Group, a holding company listed on the stock exchange operating in the venture capital industry, and LUISS University, and among our major strengths there are a community of startups and actors in the innovation world and a network of investors, large corporates and institutions. According to Augusto Coppola, Director of the Acceleration Program, "The synergies and contacts arising within our "ecosystem" are precisely what spurs the rapid growth and success of startups. We rely on numbers to confirm the validity of our model. The success rate in terms of startups collecting new investments after graduating from the Acceleration Program is particularly interesting: it stands at 94%, well above the 61% average estimated by the Global Accelerators Network (GAN), network of best accelerators in the world, of which LUISS ENLABS is part". The selection process begins by applying online through LUISS ENLABS' website by April 2nd, 2017. Applications will be evaluated in April and an initial selection of startups will participate in the "Selection Day", a meeting with LUISS ENLABS' Team and part of the Board of Advisors.


    [1] The investment is carried through Participatory Financial Instruments (Strumenti Finanziari Partecipativi, SFP) issued by startups themselves, that can be converted into equity at the end of the Acceleration Program if the startup has proven to be able to achieve significant results on the market.