Here we are with the last startup currently taking part in our Acceleration Program. So, sitting comfortably because we are going to present Medyx, the startup that reminds the medication. Medyx is an innovative "social vocation" startup. Thanks to Medyx, private hospitals and clinics help their patients to preserve and improve their health. Clinical trials demonstrate that after resignation only 3 out of 10 patients remind to correctly assume all prescribed medicines. The non-adherence is a real problem: in fact, all over Europe had a cost to healthcare systems of € 125 billion during the last year. The facility purchases our service for patients who are discharged: we remind them medication and the dosage by sending alerts on the landline or mobile phone via SMS, voice calls o WhatsApp notifications. In this way, the patient is sure to take the right medication at the right time. The vision is to develop a virtual health assistant able to assist patients after resignation from healthcare facilities, providing them customized advice about their health conditions. The startup operates in Digital Health Care sector, which is rapidly growing at the global level, and has a great potential in terms of usefulness of the service provided: every year, 20 million people worldwide are hospitalized because they poorly follow their medical therapies. Only 3 out of 10 patients, after being discharged from the hospital, remember to take medication as prescribed. Roberta Musarò, CEO and Co-Founder, got the idea from a personal experience: two years ago, her father had an ictus because he didn’t follow correctly the medical therapies. "I never thought that from a bad personal experience could come something so good - says Roberta - something that can really help other people."