We're almost finished presenting startups currently taking part in the Acceleration Program in our "Startup Spotlight". Keep following us because we're going to present you 2hire, the solution for your own fleet! 2hire is a solution that turns all kind of vehicles, both two wheels and four wheels, into connected vehicles simply plugging the device into the OBD II port under the dashboard in your car. With 2hire, you can not only connect all vehicles since 2001 but also track your car position, the fuel status, the mileage covered and lock and unlock doors and trunk thanks to the app in your smartphone. Furthermore, every user can keep everything under control in real time thanks to the info about utilization rate, usage time, and trip summaries gave by 2hire’s dashboard. The startup offers many services to corporates, for example, the opportunity to get a high-quality fleet management and the possibility to run a corporate car sharing with the existing fleet, and to car rental companies that can digitalize the rental process, eliminate the long lines at the rental stations, and all the dull paperwork. Find out more in the video-interview on Diario Innovazione (Italian Only)