Hi there! We are happy to announce 4 new entries in our Acceleration Program.

Cineapp is the only application that gives users the option to check the local movie programme, choose a seat, purchase a ticket and skip the line. One app to buy tickets with any credit/debit card safely, easily and instantly giving access to all movie theatres in Italy.

MyLab allows athletes to create custom-made sports nutrition supplements by providing pure raw materials and solutions for homemade preparation of powders, capsules, energy bars and energy drinks. Through the app, athletes can create customized integration recipes and order small quantities of pure raw materials with which compose home-made supplements by using the manual capsule machine (capsules), the energy bar machine (energy bars) or the energy re-filler (energy drinks).
Skaffolder simplifies development of web applications, saving about 30% of development time, generating automatically part of the source code that developers should otherwise write manually. Skaffolder helps the development team to produce quality code, through a simple graphical interface.
GenomeUP GenomeUP is a precision medical Saas based on machine learning. On the basis of patients’ genetic data and the ad hoc developed platform, GenomeUP allows doctors to get a detailed clinical report on genes affecting patients’ pathology and their personalized treatment.

These four startups are working hard to develop their product, set up their goals and produce revenue receiving the support of the experts from LUISS ENLABS team. Stay tuned because you will hear from them soon!