Last week, Nimrod Kozlovski, Partner at JVP Cyber Labs, came over in our accelerator to meet our startups and share with us his experience as an entrepreneur. Mr. Kozlovsky has been professor of Cyber Security and Information Security, co-founder of startups (Plymedia & Altal) and consultant to startups, high-tech companies and governmental bodies. After a brief explanation about the startup ecosystem in Israel, Kozlovsky shared three important things to focus on when doing a startup:


If you are about to get funding from venture capitalists, be aware: they ask for commitment, not only technology. This is why your team is the most important element of your startup. The 5 people you start your startup with must be the best you can choose.


Storytelling is the most important thing for your startup. Every startup should have a story. Doing startup is not about technology. It's about the emotion you create! Sometimes, it’s better to show a short emotional video rather than a perfectly filled executive summary.

Right investors

Some investors may hurt your startup. You should choose them carefully evaluating what they ask for in exchange and how they can help you with other networking opportunity!