Great news from 2Hire and Big Profiles! Only three months after the end of the acceleration program these two startups closed two investment rounds for 600,000 Euros each, raising 300,000 Euros from LVenture Group and Business Angels and the rest from Invitalia Ventures.

2Hire produces a hardware device that allows you to manage your vehicle remotely. The device is installed in the standard OBD port, present in all cars, and allows to monitor the status of a vehicle in real time. In this way, the smartphone becomes the digital key of the vehicle. The just-completed investment round will enable the startup to give a quick boost to production and industrialization of the product, as well as speed up the software development.

BigProfiles has developed a Customer Intelligence algorithm that allows companies to profile their customers: uploading customer data to the platform, the startup produces a detailed profile of everyone, using information found on the Web, Social Networks, Professional Albi and Statistical Data. Once the profile is enriched with all the data available, Big Profiles estimates the customer's willingness to purchase and abandon. Big Profiles platform has already been adopted by a large number of companies, such as banks and insurance companies. In addition, through funding, it aims to attack the Italian corporate market and consolidate its technology.

2Hire and Big Profiles took part in the last edition of the LUISS ENLABS’s acceleration program completed in May 2017.  Big Profiles followed the program after it has been selected for Security Challenge, the Open Innovation initiative of LVenture Group in collaboration with Cisco, Infocert and NTT DATA. Both startups, even during the Investor Day on May, attracted the attention of investors, presenting the excellent results they were able to get.

"Invitalia Ventures marks two major operations focusing on 2Hire and Big Profiles, two young and promising realities of the Italian ecosystem. These are two companies led by real talents with whom we are happy to work with. With these rounds, Invitalia Ventures confirms its investment strategy by focusing on highly technological startups with excellent growth opportunities on the market" said Ciro Spedaliere, Investment Manager at Invitalia Ventures.

"The speed to involve investors in the early stages of startups is vital to us and these rounds are a great testimony to that. We are proud to support two young and brilliant companies such as Big Profiles and 2Hire, aiming to get into high-potential sectors: the car related market will expand the automotive sector's profits by 30%, reaching a global market value of 1, $ 5 trillion, while the Customer Intelligence sector, thanks to the new solutions, promises to reach $ 5 trillion in 2020"said Luigi Capello, CEO of LVenture Group and LUISS ENLABS.