Italia Startup Visa: Discover How to Start Up Your Business in Italy! #startupvisa

Today, Federica Guidi, Minister of Economic Development, was at LUISS ENLABSto announce Italia Startup Visa, a program to incentivize innovative entrepreneurs from all over the world to start up their business in Italy!

Italia Startup Visa means leaner and faster procedures to facilitate the entry visa approval for autonomous work for extra-EU citizens who want to establish an innovative startup in Italy. Any extra-EU citizen who has a good business idea, whatever age or background can apply.

Selection Day: When the BoA Decides Who Is Going to Join Our Startup Accelerator

The next acceleration program is about to start. A brand new batch of startups will join our accelarator in less than a month!

As you may know, the selection of the startups goes through a long process of valuation and due diligence both from our acceleration team and from LVenture Group, the publicly listed VC investing in our startups but this is not the end of the story. LUISS ENLABS and LVenture Group business analysts agree upon a short-list of startups. This short-list is then forwarded to the BoA, a board made up of approximately fifty advisors.