AppEatIT Launches Its New Site

We are glad to let you share new AppEatIT website, improved in UI and UX. AppEatIT allows busy people to take a healthy lunch break in a restaurant without all the time-wasting hassle of queueing, ordering, waiting and paying.
The site has a more charming design and it makes easier to order at the selected restaurant.
In a few months, the startup has served more than 450 lunches and today is operating in Rome with five agreements with five restaurants, located in five different areas.
How does the service run?

Startup Investment Trends: What About the Music Industry?

At first was Napster followed by the iPod. These two names well represent the beginning of the end of the music industry as meant in the traditional way. Tech invaded the sector and nothing has never been the same as before. In the past decade, a myriad of online services have been created (e.g. iTunes and Pandora) with some ups and lots of down. The world has continued to change with mobile bursting on the scene and bringing us to the current era: the time of social music.

Startup Tips: How To and When Negotiate a Term Sheet with a VC

After months of pitching VCs, you finally got an investor interested in your startup. Great. Now what? First of all, you will be asked to sign a term sheet. As you may know, the term sheet is a document outlining the material terms and conditions of a business agreement between a startup and a potential investor. It can be also called LOI (Letter Of Intent) or MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding).